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24-Dec-2017 12:23

"x L" is a designation and rating in which the channel is uncensored, and contains explicit language or mature programming that may be offensive to some viewers and may be unsuitable for children to listen to.Before the Sirius XM merger, Sirius's channels containing uncensored content were listed as either "Uncensored" or "Uncut" instead, with XM using the "x L" rating.I AM VERY GLAD THAT I TOOK A CHANCE ON YOUR PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS.

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For example, Classic Vinyl can be adjusted as such: Also available is the ability to have the station only play music without interruptions.

As an example, I want to listen to "No Shoes Radio" (Channel 57) and "Velvet" (Channel 13), but cannot find either station.

I've searched each category but cannot find either of these channels.

I have an active Sirius XM subscription and use the ...

I noticed that not all of the XM radio stations that are available through my Internet subscription show up in the list of stations in my Sonos app.2018 Subaru WRX Premium optional Recaro brand power front driver's seat.